☆Happy Halloween☆ ENGLISH BELOW




【場所】BLUE HOUSE OKINAWA 沖縄県北谷町宮城3-149 MAP:(goo.gl/Kj86O6)
大人    3000円
小中高校生 1500円 (二人目以降1000円)
大学生   2000円


下記の項目をご記載の上、meetupokinawa@gmail.com までご連絡ください!
[参加人数] 人(大人 人 子供 人)
[アレルギーの有無]有 無


・12:00~ 受付開始
・12:15~13:00 ランチタイム!
・13:00~14:00 ジャックオーランタン作り
・14:00~15:30 フリータイム




今回、会場となるBLUE HOUSE OKINAWAを運営しています!ジュースバーや英会話教室、日本語教室を運営しています。


☆Happy Halloween☆

We are organizing a family-friendly Pumpkin Carving Event with the aim of creating opportunities for foreigners living on Okinawa and local Okinawan families and individuals to get to know each other and widen their perspectives by learing and interacting with new culture.

Lunch, healthy juice and other soft drink is included in the price and we will prepare the pumpkins as well! You can take them back home after they are carved!

We have bilingual staff so please do not be scared of the language barrier! We are here by all means to help you make living in Okinawa more exciting.

<This event is suitable for you if you..>
1. Want to know Japanese people, language and culture
2. Have children who love pumpkin carving and want to do it with local children
3. Are looking to get to know interesting locals (The hosts and staff are very interesting people)
4. Are interested in getting to know local families
5. Want to experience as much Okinawa as possible

【Date and Time】
3-149 Miyagi Chatan-cho, Okinawa
【Participation Fee】
Adults    3000yen (2000yen for each additional adult)
Students 1500yen (1000yen for each additional child)
U-25    2000yen
*Fee includes; sandwich lunch, coldpressed juice, pumpkin, mini-Japanese lesson

【Capacity】12 people

Please Facebook message or email meetupokinawa@gmail.com the below information
[Title]Halloween Event Registration
[Participants] person/people(adult: person/people, Children )
[Allergy]Please let us know if you have any allergy

【Program of the day】
・12:00~ Get-to-know-each other time (There will be mini Japanese lesson!)
・12:15~13:00 Lunch time!
(Sandwich and healthy coldpressed juice!)
・13:00~14:00 Pumpkin Carving
・14:00~15:30 Free-time
(Kids can play at the park outside, and parents can relax inside! We will bring big jumping rope and some Frisbee)

It is a great opportunity to have your children experience the culture naturally, and you can even learn some Japanese by interacting with the Japanese children at the event!
This event is designed so all ages from children to adults can enjoy their time, experience something different from the usual everyday routine and last but not least, meet families and individuals who can motivate you!

●Lina Nakama
・Local Okinawan (Half European)
・Instructor of a big English school company
・Loves children and is active!
Lina has lived abroad for total of 6 years (Australia and Hawaii), and has experience teaching children either English or Japanese for 5 years. She organizes events so that locals and foreigners can both take the advantage of being in Okinawa. Her main hobbies are; Salsa dancing, Diving and Surfing! She also enjoys playing the ukulele at the beach during sunset.

●Mio Taira
・From Kanagawa
・Freelance web-writer
・Japanese, English and Spanish
Apart from working as a writer, she is a trilingual who puts effort and international get together event and study abroad support with Lina.Experienced study abroad and solo travel when she was a student.
→Have experience working at a language school in Cebu, Philippines
→Currently works as a freelance web writer

●Madoka Kinjyo (Monica)
She runs the Blue House Okinawa, where the event will be held! She runs Juice Bar, English and Japanese classes.

・Please bring change as clothes may get dirty from the pumpkin carving
・We might be having photo shootings, please let us know if you are uncomfortable with being in the photo.