Town Quest in Shinjuku | Held on Sunday, June 30th!
Town Quest in Shinjuku | Held on Sunday, June 30th!

What is Machi-Que?

Join our exchange program and team up to complete missions through intercultural communication! 

Features of Machi-Que

Interact with Multinational
English Speakers

Form a team with one English Speaker per six participants and aim to complete missions together. Ask about their home countries and enjoy the cultural exchange!

English Fluency not Required!

With a common goal of completing missions, you can enjoy the experience even if your English isn’t perfect. Work together as a team to complete missions of varying difficulty and aim for high scores!

Discover Local History and Culture

Some missions focus on the local area, allowing you to discover aspects of the culture and history of the region.

Schedule for the day

Reception starts

Show the staff your registration number from the email.


Meet your English Speaker and team members, then review the rules together!

Machi-Que Starts!

You have 2 hours! Solve missions while conversing in English. Stick with your team at all times!

Award Ceremony

Which team has the highest total score? Winning teams will be announced and celebrated!

End of the Event

Steps to Participate

Complete the application form

Receive lottery results via email

Pay the participation fee

Check-in at the event with your
registration number

About the Lottery

※Only those who are selected in the lottery can participate in the program.
※The lottery results will be announced via email.
※If you are selected, your participation will be confirmed upon payment of the participation fee.
※If you are selected but do not pay the participation fee by the deadline, your selection will be canceled. Please be aware of this.
※If you are not selected, you will be automatically entered into the next lottery. There is no need to apply again for additional lotteries.

Event information

Event dateSunday, June 30th
Time13:30~16:30 (Reception starts at 13:15)
 Venue Shinjuku Central Park
Meeting pointNotify participants by email
Entry fee¥5,500 (tax included)
Eligible Applicants3rd grade (9y/o) to 9th grade(15y/o)
Capacity170 participants (selected by lottery)
・Beverage (we recommend 500ml or more)
・Rain gear
・Heatstroke prevention items
※Please prepare each item as needed.
※Participants must purchase their own beverages and personal items during the program.
※Participants’ mobile phones will not be used for missions during the program.
ClothingPlease wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking (no heels).
Sponsored by

About JTOS: The JTOS is a consortium of Japanese railway companies that combines the management resources of each company, such as stations, railways, and real estate, as well as information resources from group businesses, to overcome various barriers faced by startups. Together with startup companies, JTOS aims to create innovative solutions or approaches that, while novel today, will become commonplace and integral to everyday life in the future. This initiative falls under CULTURE, one of the four themes of JTOS.

Co-hostShinjuku Central Park Park Up Community

Request to participants

  • Try your best to speak English even if it isn’t perfect!
  • React enthusiastically and enjoy yourself.
  • Please follow the rules and listen to the instructions of the staff and English Speakers.
  • English speakers come from various countries and professions! Feel free to ask many questions!


  • The event will proceed rain or shine! Please bring rain gear if rain is forecasted.
  • When posting photos on social media, please be considerate of other participants.
  • Disruptive or dangerous behavior that may inconvenience others during the program is prohibited.
  • There is no designated waiting area for guardians during the program.
  • Please note that refunds cannot be issued for cancellations made one week before the event date or later.



English Speakers are foreign nationals living in Japan who speak English. They have diverse backgrounds, including university students, graduate students, English teachers (including those with AET experience), and self-employed individuals.

Target students are from 3rd grade of elementary school to 3rd grade of junior high school.

Payment is accepted in advance by credit card. Please follow the instructions provided after applying. For those who prefer bank transfer, please contact the official LINE account for “MACHINAKA ENGLISH QUEST

In principle, we do not accept requests for specific group arrangements. The organizing team will assign groups based on grade levels. Typically, participants are grouped by the same grade level; however, depending on the number of participants, individuals from adjacent grade levels may be grouped together.

There is no specific level requirement. Since the event is designed as a game-like experience, even those who are not confident in English can enjoy participating.

We will communicate through our official LINE account “MACHINAKA ENGLISH QUEST” Please feel free to inquire via chat if you have any questions or concerns.

Yes, cancellation is possible. In the event of cancellation due to participant circumstances, we will refund according to the following conditions. The transfer fee associated with the refund will be the responsibility of the participant.
・If canceled up to one week before the event date: We will refund 50% of the participation fee.
・If canceled within one week of the event date: No refund will be provided.

まちクエin新宿中央公園 | 6月30日(日)開催!